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About Jordi

Jordi Rosen has collaborated, performed and toured with many renowned artists including Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Rufus Wainwright, and Annabelle Chvostek. She also shared the stage with artists such as Antony and the Johnsons, The The, Sean Lennon, Bob Wiseman, Penny Lang, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Martha Wainwright, Jackie Gallant, Andrew Rodriguez, Carrie Haber, Special Interest Group, Patrick Hamilton, Victoria Klingenstierna, Will Austin, Gambletron, Crackpot, Hayden, The Keys, Cheryl Conroy, Tranie Tronic and Bobby Dove etc.

Jordi has been a feature performer for several benefit events for organizations such as The Gilda Radner Foundation, The Montreal Women's Assault Centre, Head and Hands, Native Centres and more recently played some tributes for The Sake of The Songs Series created by John Stuart for The Mile End Mission. Jordi has also enjoyed performing  a few times at the music festival Suoni Per Il Popolo's "Popolo dans Le Parc".

Jordi also had the delightful experience of singing and playing in a Velvet Underground cover band conceptualized by Allan Lento in the last couple of years with many artists: Jackie Gallant, Jasa Baker, Allan Lento, Patrick Hutchison,Will Austin, Caroline Glass, Dave Lines, Ingrid Wissink, Sébastien Hell, John Stuart...

In 2001 Jordi was nominated for a Montreal Independent Music Award (M.I.M.I) as best Singer/Songwriter and her music has gained an abundance of airplay on radio stations across Canada and in Europe, particularly in Portugal, Croatia, Bosnia and France.

In 2001, Jordi debuted her first self-produced CD, Madame Xavier (Recorded by Howard Bilerman and Mastered by Harris Newman). Rufus Wainwright guest produced and contributed vocals to two of the tracks. Lotus, Jordi's second self-produced CD released in 2005, recorded by Gordon Hashimoto ( as well as Jace Lasek and Peter X), features her ethereal vocals and unique cultural musical traditions and powerful string arrangements with Carrie Haber on cello, Joellen Housego on fiddle and Annabelle Chvostek plays guitar. Annabelle Chvostek guest produced and mixed “Do The Girls”. The most recent release, 4 Songs For You, offers a more Motown vibe. It is produced, recorded and mixed by Christian Richer and also includes Christian on bass and percussion with Joellen on fiddle. Annabelle Chvostek recorded the song “We Create The World We Live In” which was influenced by Jordi's Native Canadian roots. It touches on the love and need for nature in order for the body to heal.

During the Fall of 2007, Jordi Rosen was delighted to play a five week residency at The Living Room In New York City. She showcased her accordion, vocals and Casio keyboard with it's varieties of sounds and beats. Many of the performances were shared with Annabelle Chvostek and Jane Gabriels (and booked by Jane Gabriels). Jordi was also featured at the CMJ festival there Upstairs at Googie's Lounge and loved to play in Brooklyn on a couple occasions.

Jordi has actively been writing her own material for seventeen years. While jamming with friends in Montreal during the early 1990s, Grayson Walker introduced Jordi to the wonders of  the accordion. This led to the duo Jordi and Grayson. Jordi sang and played accordion while Grayson Walker played harmonium and some accordion; thus sparking her career as a professional musician. Later came Jordi, Grayson and Bruce, and then Jordi, Grayson, Bruce and Joellen, and Jordi and The Sewing Machine (Grayson Walker and Lisa Gamble). Often it has been Jordi Rosen and Friends.

Jordi has since continued to evolve as an artist and enjoys singing and experimenting with a variety of instruments which inspire her creativity. She is currently playing with the Casio and loving the beats!  Jordi has had fun playing with some friends such as Jackie Gallant, Will Austin and John Stuart in the last while. She has also dabbled in playing the autoharp, bowed psaltery, mini harp, and guitar. 
A new album is in the works to be released for 2012, called "The Angels Have Called"!! It is Produced and Recorded by Christian Richer, and Co-Produced by Jordi. Christian envisioned a focus on the main vocals and set up his studio to record Jordi in a Motown fashion. There are many electronic and dream-pop surprises and harmonies on the album. Iain Booth did a marvelous mixing of the album and it was an overall learning experience for Jordi to learn the placement of the symphonics. There is also a fabulous new video by Gordon Bradley to be released of a single written by Jordi and Taki76, called "Fantastic Trip"!

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